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Our objective is to catch your brand vision, cut costs, and reduce construction timelines. We value hard work and measurable outcomes.

Stanhalt Holdings (Pty) Limited is a South Africa-based contracting and industrial company. The principal activities of the Company are civil engineering, building contracting and property development. The Company is engaged in providing engineering and infrastructure client solutions to the commercial, communications, housing, agriculture, mining, water and public sectors within the southern African region. Read more…

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  • TUHF launches Sustainable Bond Framework, first social bonds June 11, 2021
    TUHF, with the assistance of Standard Bank, has launched its Sustainable Bond Framework and first social bonds. TUHF is a non-bank financial services company that borrows money from the capital markets and invests it in inner-city areas, extending finance to small scale property entrepreneurs who want to grow their rental businesses. In particular, TUHF targets […]
  • National Stakeholders Forum paves way for growth in construction sector June 11, 2021
    Public sector investment in infrastructure will be one of the defining features of South Africa's economic recovery as the country emerges from its current economic slump. It is, thus, of the utmost importance that there is broad agreement between government departments and entities which issue tenders, and the construction sector on critical issues relating to […]
  • Big irrigation projects in Africa have failed to deliver. What's needed next June 10, 2021
    In 1938, French colonial authorities in what is today Mali started on an ambitious infrastructure plan to transform the desert into an area of agricultural production. Water was diverted from the Niger River through a canal system to enable irrigation on over one million hectares of fertile land. Eventually covering over 100,000 hectares, this project […]